“I approach the process of making jewelry with an honest respect for the innate properties of the materials. The noble metals and gemstones have strong qualities of order and structure within their internal nature. A kind of fabric that evokes in me a sense of admiration. I work with a focussed attention for the craft, which is a visible aspect of the jewelry. My work begins with the thought and recollection that “procrastination is the thief of time” as in Night-Thoughts by Edward Young. With anticipation I enter the process of making, (which is at times chaotic, yet filled with joy and struggle too).  Visualy the effect is similar to the tensions of a gathering storm in the night sky and to the low angled light as it is cast across a landscape into the gazing eye.”


Yves Spinelli was born in Honolulu, the son of Italian hairstylists. His introduction to the fashion world came through his father Antoine Spinelli, who spent time between Hawaii and New York City working alongside renowned hairstylists Paul Mitchell, Garren Defazio and Roger Thompson in the 70’s and 80’s.

In a marketplace of ornate and figurative jewelry Yves yearned for something clean and architectural. He created a set of linked rings of different thicknesses which could be worn a number of ways – spread across three fingers, or stacked on one. From this first set he immediately began taking private orders.

Spinelli Kilcollin launched their first group of interconnected Galaxy Rings at Maxfield, and began incorporating diamonds into their collection. In 2012 they made a custom linked ring for Ikram Goldman with 5 carats of diamonds, and immediately garnered national press and the attention of luxury retailers including Barneys.

Spinelli Kilcollin continues to develop their voice by combining a contemporary minimalist aesthetic with intricate craftsmanship and materials, aspiring to become a dominant voice in the luxury market.



Nancy Newberg has always loved design and detail. Inspired by travel and the runway, her jewelry is favored by celebrity stylists and magazine editors. East coast native, Nancy Newberg moved to Los Angeles to study fashion at Otis College of Art and Design. In 2011, Nancy launched her eponymous jewelry line. With a focus on fashion, Nancy has established a following of women with a strong sense of style. Nancy’s pieces are modern with an edge and create a look that is effortlessly chic. The collection is handcrafted in Los Angeles.